Ascend Prime Steak & Sushi

Expect the Unexpected at Soaring Ascend Prime Steak & Sushi

The Seattle Times

Seattle Times food critic, Providence Cicero, calls out Bellevue’s top flight steak house in an impressive review that bestowed them with a 3 1/2 (out of 4) star review of the restaurant.

“The press release prepared me for the panoramic views, the extravagant decor and the stratospheric prices, but I didn’t expect to be so wowed by the food. The steaks and sushi alone are worth the ear-popping express elevator ride to the 31st floor, but there’s a lot more to like from land and sea. Everything sampled over two visits — from uni lobster bisque that plumbed unimagined oceanic flavors to the cloud-spewing Skyfall dessert — revealed precision, imagination and a good bit of swagger to boot.”

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