Soi chef and co-owner Yui Wiborg’s cuisine focuses on Thailand’s north eastern region of Issan, bringing flavors that are often more fragrant and pungent than typical Bangkok-style dishes. Her signature dishes include Khao Soi- a northern-style curry noodle soup, Nam Khao Tod- crispy, marinated rice salad with house-soured pork and Koong Ob Woon Sen- Claypot prawns with glass noodles and pork belly.


Shaking up the cocktails at Soi is Kyle Browning, who developed his mixology skills in New York City and received training from the highly regarded cocktail institution Death & Co.  At Soi, he showcases his skillful techniques and finesse for flavors that defy the expected tropical ingredient tropes.  Browning’s drinks pair well with the fresh ingredients in Chef Yuie Wiborg’s dishes including lime, cilantro, lemongrass and ginger. Half of Soi’s drinks are revamped “classics” (Sazerac, House Manhattan, Benton’s Old Fashioned) retooled with lots of research and development. The other half are new creations.


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