Adana {meaning “nickname”} highlights Chef and Owner Shota Nakajima’s beautiful Japanese fare with a casual, rotating prix fixe menu of 3-courses with 3 selections per course for a set price of $37. Guests experience authentic Japanese cuisine with multiple choices to curate their own tasting menu.


Beautifully mixing seasonality with flavor, texture and appearance, Shota’s Japanese dishes are simple and clean, focused on letting the individual ingredients shine. Adana’s food is similar to what Shota’s family cooks at home with a focus on the seasonal ingredients from the Pacific Northwest.


Adana’s notable liquor program offers a spectrum of spirits, but has a definite focus toward Japanese whisky (many of which are not available in the U.S.), single malts, 15-20 selections of sake and Japanese-inspired cocktails.


Chef Shota and Executive Chef Chris Hoey, have fashioned a bar menu that makes for a perfect pairing with the Japanese beverages and Haarstad’s drinks.


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